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I’m pleased as punch to say that my novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leave Town has been shortlisted for the Sunburst, Canada’s national science fiction award. The Sunburst jury honored me with the award in 2004 for my short story collection A Place So Foreign and Eight More and this is a double-helping of delight.

Someone Comes to Town… comes out in a new trade paperback edition this week, too!

/ / News, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

Aust Gate, the excellent science fiction bookstore in Oxford, England is offering free UK shipping on signed copies of the paperback of my novel, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, which comes out next month. Just contact the store with your order and inscription information, and I’ll sign and inscribe all the orders on June 19. They’ll also take orders for my other books, and I’m happy to sign/inscribe those too. Just get your order in before June 19!


Gene Wolfe

SOMEONE COMES TO TOWN, SOMEONE LEAVES TOWN is a glorious book, but there are hundreds of those. It is more. It is a glorious book unlike any book
you’ve ever read.

Gene Wolfe, author

Publishers Weekly

It’s only natural that Alan, the broadminded hero of Doctorow’s fresh, unconventional SF novel, is willing to help everybody he meets. After all, he’s the product of a mixed marriage (his father is a mountain and his mother is a washing machine), so he knows how much being an outcast can hurt. Alan tries desperately to behave like a human being�or at least like his idealized version of one. He joins a cyber-anarchist’s plot to spread a free wireless Internet through Toronto at the same time he agrees to protect his youngest brothers (members of a set of Russian nesting dolls) from their dead brother who’s now resurrected and bent on revenge. Life gets even more chaotic after he becomes the lover and protector of the girl next door, whom he tries to restrain from periodically cutting off her wings. Doctorow (Eastern Standard Tribe) treats these and other bizarre images and themes with deadpan wit. In this inventive parable about tolerance and acceptance, he demonstrates how memorably the outrageous and the everyday can coexist.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Cory Doctorow is the apotheosis of what we talk about when we talk about The Web.

Matthew Cheney, SFSite


I found Someone Comes to Town to be a great celebration of life and a novel that manages to be downright scary at times while still utterly resplendent with hope. It made me think not only about the true nature of families but also who owns the right to control information in the Internet age.

Colleen Mondor, Bookslut