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I’m about to hit the road again for a series of back-to-back public appearances as I travel with my new, nationally bestselling novel The Bezzle. I’ll be in Los Angeles, Boston, Providence, Chicago, Turin, Marin, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, and Tartu, Estonia!

I hope to see you! Bring friends!

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A pair of black and white photos of me and Robin Sloan, with the cover of my novel 'The Bezzle' between us. It's captioned 'Author: Cory Doctorow, The Bezzle, in conversation with Robin Sloan.'

At long last, the San Francisco stop of the book tour for my new novel The Bezzle has been finalized: I’ll be at the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch on Wednesday, March 13th, in conversation with Robin Sloan!

The event starts at 6PM with Cooper Quintin from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, talking about the real horrors of the prison-tech industry, which I fictionalize in The Bezzle.

Attentive readers will know that this event was finalized very late in the day, and it’s going to need a little help, given the short timeline. Please consider coming – and be sure to tell your Bay Area friends about the gig!

Wednesday, 3/13/2024
6:00 – 7:30
Koret Auditorium
Main Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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A yellow square featuring the stylized title 'The Bezzle' and the image motif from the book's cover (an Escher-esque triangle whose center is filled with bars that imprison a male figure in a suit; two more male figures run up and down the triangle's edges). Beneath this, a list of cities: 'LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, Boston, New York City, Toronto, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Tucson, Chicago, Amherst, Torino, Tartu.'

My next novel is The Bezzle, a high-tech ice-cold revenge thriller starring Marty Hench, a two-fisted forensic accountant, as he takes on the sleaziest scams of the first two decades of the 2000s, from hamburger-themed Ponzis to the unbelievably sleazy and evil prison-tech industry:


I’m taking Marty on the road! I’ll be visiting eighteen cities between now and June, and I hope you’ll come out and say hello, visit a beloved local bookseller, and maybe get a book (or two)!

21 Feb: Weller Bookworks, Salt Lake City, 1830h:

22 Feb: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, 19h:

24 Feb: Vroman’s, Pasadena, 17h, with Adam Conover (!!)

26 Feb: Third Place Books, Seattle, 19h, with Neal Stephenson (!!!)

27 Feb: Powell’s, Portland, 19h:

29 Feb: Changing Hands, Phoenix, 1830h:

9-10 Mar: Tucson Festival of the Book:

13 Mar: San Francisco Public Library (with Robin Sloan):

22 Mar: Wendy Michener Memorial Lecture (Toronto):

24 Mar: Word Books Brooklyn (with Laura Poitras) (NYC):

29-31 Mar: Wondercon Anaheim:

10 Apr: UCLA Institute for Law, Technology and Policy, 1215PM (Los Angeles):

11 Apr: Harvard Berkman-Klein Center, with Randall Munroe

12 Apr: RISD Debates in AI, Providence

17 Apr: Anderson’s Books, Chicago, 19h:

21 Apr: Torino Biennale Tecnologia

27 Apr: Book Passage Corte Madera, 1PM (Marin County)

2 May, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Winnipeg

3 May, Wordfest, 7PM (Calgary):

4 May, Massy Arts, 6PM (Vancouver)

5-11 May: Tartu Prima Vista Literary Festival

6-9 Jun: Media Ecology Association keynote, Amherst, NY

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Burbank: Apr 26, 6PM, Dark Delicacies

San Francisco: Apr 30, 2PM, San Francisco Public Library (with Annalee Newitz)

PDX/Cedar Hills: May 2, 7PM, Powell’s (with Andy Baio)

Mountain View: May 5, 7PM, Books, Inc (with Mitch Kapor)

Berkeley: May 6/7, Bay Area Book Fair (with Glynn Washington and Wendy Liu)

Vancouver: May 10, 9:50AM, Open Source Summit

Vancouver: May 10, 6:30PM, Heritage Hall (with Sean Cranbury)

Calgary, May 11, 7PM, Wordfest (with Peter Hemminger)

Gaithersburg, May 20, 3:15PM, Gaithersburg Book Festival

DC, May 22, Public Knowledge Emerging Tech Conference (keynote)

Toronto: May 23, 8PM, WEPFest (with with The Rheostatics’ Dave Bidini, Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert, and the whistleblower Nancy Olivieri)

Hay-on-Wye: May 27/28, HowTheLightGetsIn

Oxford: May 29, 7PM, Blackwell’s (with Tim Harford)

Nottingham: May 30, 6:30PM, Waterstones (with Christian Reilly)

Manchester: May 31, 6:30PM, Waterstones (with Ian Forrester)

London: Jun 1, 2PM, UCL Peter Kirstein Lecture

Edinburgh: Jun 3, Cymera Festival

London: Jun 5, 7:15PM, British Library (with Baroness Martha Lane Fox)

Berlin: Jun 7, Re:publica keynote (with Rebecca Giblin)

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A selfie taken at Skyboat Media, at director Gabrielle de Cuir's workstation, showing Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton; Wheaton is telepresent via a tablet.

This week on my podcast, I bring you some clips of Wil Wheaton’s recording sessions for the audiobook of Red Team Blues, my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller starring the 67 year old forensic accountant Martin Hench, who specializes in high-tech scams.

I’m currently kickstarting this audiobook, pre-selling audiobooks, ebooks and hardcovers. I have to self-produce my own audiobooks, because Audible – the monopolist audiobook division of Amazon – refuses to carry DRM-free titles like mine.


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The cover for the Tor Books edition of Red Team Blues, which features a male figure sprinting out of a stylized keyhole.

This week on my podcast, I read a selection from my next novel, Red Team Blues, an anti-finance finance thriller about Marty Hench, a 67 year old hard-charging forensic accountant who’s seen every finance scam that Silicon Valley has come up with over the previous 40 years. Marty’s ready to retire, but an old friend pulls him in for one last job, an offer he can’t refuse: recovering the stolen keys to a hidden backdoor in a cryptocurrency system that are worth more than a billion dollars. Recovering the keys turns out to be the easy part: the hard part is surviving the three-way war that is ignited in their wake, between Azerbaijani money-launderers, Mexican narcos, and crooked three-letter agencies.

I’m currently kickstarting a real audiobook of this one, and I’m going into the studio with Wil Wheaton on Monday. If you enjoy my stories, articles and podcasts and want to know how to show your gratitude, please consider backing this kickstarter by pre-ordering an audiobook, ebook, and/or hardcover.

One evening, I got a wild hair and drove all night from San Diego to Menlo Park. Why Menlo Park? It had both a triple-­Michelin-­star place and a dear old friend both within spitting distance of the Walmart parking lot, where I could park the Unsalted Hash, leaving me free to drink as much as I cared to and still be able to
walk home and crawl into bed.

I’d done a job that turned out better than I’d expected—­well enough that I was set for the year if I lived carefully. I didn’t want to live carefully. The age for that was long past. I wanted to live it up. There’d be more work. I wanted to celebrate.

Truth be told, I also didn’t want to contemplate the possibility that, at the age of sixty-­seven, the new work might stop coming in. Silicon Valley hates old people, but that was okay, because I hated Silicon Valley. Professionally, that is.

Getting close to Bakersfield, I pulled the Unsalted Hash into a rest stop to stretch my legs and check my phone. After a putter around the picnic tables and vending machine, I walked the perimeter of my foolish and ungainly and luxurious tour bus, checking the tires and making sure the cargo compartments were dogged and locked. I climbed back in, checked my sludge levels and decided they were low enough that I could use my own toilet, then, finally, having forced myself to wait, sat on one of the buttery leather chairs and checked my messages.