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Above you’ll find links to downloadable editions of the text of Little Brother. These downloads are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, which lets you share it, remix it, and share your remixes, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis. Some people don’t understand why I do this — so check out this post if you want my topline explanation for why I do this crazy thing.

It’s kind of a tradition around here that my readers convert my ebooks to their favorite formats and send them to me here, and it’s one that I love! If you’ve converted these files to another format, send them to me and I’ll host them, but before you do, make sure you read the following:

  • Only one conversion per format, first come, first serve. That means that if someone’s already converted the file to a Femellhebber 3000 document, that’s the one you’re going to find here. I just don’t know enough about esoteric readers to adjudicate disputes about what the ideal format is for your favorite device.
  • Make sure include a link to the reader as well. When you send me an ebook file, make sure that you include a link to the website for the reader technology as well so that I can include it below.
  • No cover art. The text of this book is freely copyable, the cover, not so much. The rights to it are controlled by my publisher, so don’t include it with your file.
  • No DRM. The Creative Commons license prohibits sharing the file with “DRM” (sometimes called “copy-protection”) on it, and that’s fine by me. Don’t send me the book with DRM on it. If you’re converting to a format that has a DRM option, make sure it’s switched off.

Fan conversions:

128 Responses to “Download Little Brother For Free”

  1. Elmo

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  2. Sid

    Amazing Book! I just found it and downloaded it and read the first 4 chapters! I’ve just bought the book from Amazon .. My son will love it as much as I do! Also I lived the introduction, your take on books and how to fall in love with them is exactly right on! Ps I’m from Brampton .. Nice to see a fellow GTA’er do so well! Congrats & Thank you Cory!

  3. SimonF

    Intro’d via your Stross collab, loving the creative commons thing in tandem with supportyyourlocalbookshopbutwedonthateamazon. Keep waving the flag and Write More Stuff please! :)

  4. Apple louise

    We had to read this for school but I actualy liked it. That never happens for books assigned for school.

  5. chris_debian

    My first CD read. A real page turner, and I will buy a copy, as a thank you to the author. The intelligence of the younger generation, reminded me of the much loved ‘Wargames’ movie, of the early ’80s.

    Thanks, Cory.


  6. phala

    It’s 1971 redux. We spray painted “Fuck a Fortran for God” in six foot letters on the Michigan State University computer sciences building — we weren’t caught (and, obviously we continue to remain free.) Stay calm and Keep Keepin’ On — This elder loves you young’uns

  7. Janne Peterson

    WE had to read this book at uni for English Literature (the most interesting book on the uni have to read list). How do I cite it in the Works Cited list (MLA) at the end of my essay?

  8. Cory Doctorow

    No idea but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  9. DustinM

    I had to read this for school and I love the book so much that I read it three more times.

  10. Ruby

    So how do I get to the book after I’ve hit the down-load button about three times?

  11. Stan

    Felt like a great time to read this again. Hope I don’t need rocks in my shoes anytime soon. Really appreciate you doing this.

  12. Ray

    Its pretty cool book with hardcore things coming out of nowhere to make say “What?!” (Don’t click on my website, I included to just so I give my regards).

  13. David Domingo

    Loved the book! It’s a little terrifying how plausible the story is and it made me a little more paranoid. I wish ParanoidLinux were a real thing, but a VPN will have to do for now. Thank you!

  14. Bel

    Your book was brought up in a chat with someone I met :) I thanked them for recommending you as an author to me – how have I not heard of you before this? — you’ve written something so raw and breathtaking – so eye opening— on another note lol how do I turn DRM options off in my settings? Thanking anyone in advance if they respond with an answer lol – anyhoo such a fantastic book Thankyou for writing it – I’m also looking into the donation and sponsorship of a classroom I feel the youth would benefit from reading and discussing little brother ❤️

  15. Cory Doctorow

    Hey there! I’m not sure what you mean by turning off DRM options?

  16. wira

    Thanks for this.. Now is the time to take a chair and sit down to read it

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