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On Oct 12, Tor Books will publish ATTACK SURFACE, the third Little Brother book – unlike the previous two, it’s not YA, and unlike the previous two, it stars Masha, the young woman who works for the DHS and then a private security firm.

It’s a book about rationalization and redemption: how good people talk themselves into doing bad things, and what it takes to bring them back from the brink. I’m incredibly proud of it.

It’s available for pre-order now, and if you send your receipt for your pre-purchase (from any retailer!) to Tor, they’ll send you FORCE MULTIPLIER, a new Marcus Yallow story.


It’s a story about stalkerware, technological self-determination, allyship, and the consequences of getting tech very, very wrong. I wrote it especially for fans of the series, and am forever in Eva Galperin’s debt for her help with the ending.

If you like infosec, puzzles and justice, this is one for you. Please help me spread the word!

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Ulrich Oberender and his 11th grade students in a German high school created this “Edu-Breakout” based on my novel Little Brother: it’s a series of puzzles and challenges based on the book that engage deeply with both the privacy technology and the privacy ethics that run through the book! They call it “a digital escape room” and you’ll need to solve some challenges really early on to get very far! If you’re a teacher and want access to the Teacher’s Guide, you can email obucate@gmail.com or hit him on Twitter at @obucate to get the password.

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Mary Kraus — who created a key to page-numbers in the Little Brother audiobook for students with reading disabilities — continues to create great classroom materials for Little Brother: Who’s Who in “Little Brother” is a Quizlet that teaches about the famous people mentioned in the book, from Alan Turing to Rosa Luxembourg; while the Acronym Challenge asks students to unpack acronyms like DHS, NPR, IM, DNS, and ACLU.

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Adapted by Josh Costello from the novel by Cory Doctorow
September 15, 16, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 2017
Directed by Ryan Whitfield and Jason Green

While skipping school and playing an alternate reality game, San Francisco teenager Marcus Yallow ends up in the middle of a terrorist attack and on the wrong side of the Department of Homeland Security. This play asks “What is the right thing to do when authorities become oppressors?”

Marcus – Jeffrey Oakley
Ange – Kayley Shettles
Jolu – Yusuf Richardson
Daryl – Jack Clay

Severe Haircut – Madison McMichael
Benson/Sutherland – Robert Gatlin
Guard – Essence Robinson
Mom – Isabelle Marchese
Dad – Max Green
Turk/CHP Officer – Braden Hammock
Ms. Galvez – Anais Moore
Charles – Elijah White
Police Officer 1 – Kyndall Jackson
Police Officer 2- Mia Simone Parker
Trudy Doo – Emily Shull
NPR Announcer – Allison Boggs
Concertgoer – Rachel Worthington
Reporter – Hannah Livingston
Fox Commentator – Katie Rasure
BBC Reporter – Olivia Ward
Pirate Queen – Abigail Harris
On stage light/sound/projection tech – Trenton Gorman, Claire Green

$16— Adults
$12— Students & Seniors
Thursday, Friday and Saturday night curtain time is 7:30 pm.
Sunday afternoon curtain time is 2:30 pm.

The Box Office and the theater open one (1) hour prior to curtain.
The House opens 30 minutes prior to curtain.
Please arrive promptly. There will be no late admission.