I have these audiobooks for sale at SendOwl for immediate download.

(All prices will have VAT added on in the EU)

Attack Surface


Attack Surface ($24.95)

Read by Amber Benson, the third Little Brother book.

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26.99 ($26.99)

Read by Lameece Issaq, Wil Wheaton, Stefan Rudnicki and Miron Willis.

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Unauthorized Bread


Unauthorized Bread ($9.95)

Read by Lameece Issaq, from the collection Radicalized.

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Information Doesn't Want To Be Free


Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free ($15)

Read by Will Wheaton, with introductions by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

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Homeland ($15)

Wil Wheaton reads this independently produced audio edition of Homeland, which also includes Jacob Appelbaum’s reading of his own afterword, and Noah Swartz reading his brother Aaron Swartz’s afterword.

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Pirate Cinema


Pirate Cinema ($24)

This unabridged reading of Pirate Cinema, read by Bruce Mann, is sold without DRM, or license agreement of any kind.

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Little Brother


Little Brother ($20)

This unabridged reading of Little Brother, read by Kirby Heyborne, is sold without DRM, or license agreement of any kind.

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For The Win


For The Win ($29)

The For the Win audiobook runs 16.5 hours and is formatted for burning onto 13 CDs. It’s produced by Random House Audio.

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