2 Responses to “A Place So Foreign and Eight More”

  1. Tim Patterson

    Hey Cory,

    I’m a fanboy, ex-prepresser-cum-VDP programmer, and Wobbly, and I had a bit of free time to play around with converting these ascii texts to formatted text. I can output tagged text, PDF, DOCx and from one of those, probably ePub or some other formats. I work in Quadient Inspire.

    I still have some work to do to parse the metadata, but so far it is coming out like something not ascii :).

    If you’d like to check out where I’m at so far, or would be willing to give me some input on the formatting, I’d be really proud to hear from you sometime. I’ll probably keep going either way. It’s something different than what I normally do, but methods I’m learning to use will help me later with other stuff I do. My url is dead but hey it’s a fun domain anyway.

    Hope you’re having fun in Kelowna, I’m a CA/US dual citizen from my dad, but never lived in Canada as an adult. I hope to someday soon though!.


  2. Cory Doctorow

    Hey, Tim! Lovely to hear from you! Sure, feel free to send along. I’m not really adding tons more formats to these pages, but it sure sounds exciting! Kelowna is great, though I’m largely locked in my hotel on deadline.

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