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I’ll be attending the World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles from 23-27 August, and I’ve made arrangements with one of the book-dealers, San Francisco’s Borderlands Books, to take orders for signed and inscribed copies of my novels and short story collection and cover the cost of shipping them within the US (you still have to pay for the books, though!).

If you’re interested in a signed, inscribed copy of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Eastern Standard Tribe, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town or my collection A Place So Foreign and Eight More, you can call (888.893.4008), fax (415.824.8543), or email your order to the store, and they’ll get me to sign copies with your inscription. There is no charge for media-mail shipping within the continental US.

Priority mail in the US is $6.00 (that’s delivery within three
days or so). International will be Global Priority for $10 to Canada or
$12 elsewhere.

Books will ship after the Worldcon, in late August.