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I’m giving a talk in Oslo, Norway next Monday night — hope to see you there!

The Norwegian Polytechnic Society invites you to a discussion with Cory Doctorow, themed “The Economics of Openness”

Time: May 9th from 7pm to 8:30pm, with informal discussions following.

Place: The conference hall, Norwegian School of Management’s Center for Management Education (at the old Marine College, Ekeberg – map reference), Karlsborgveien 4, Oslo. (Parking is available, or you can take the Ljabru tram line (about 10 minutes) from the center of Oslo.)

Open standards and access to information are not just about about teenagers downloading MP3 files. Historically, openness – in the widest sense of the word – has been an important contributor to economic success: Open societies experience faster economic growth and political stability than closed ones. Despite this, we see a trend today where public and private actors work to limit access to information, using both technical and legislative means.

(Norwegian Link)