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Many people have asked me how they could donate to support my work. In past, I’ve been reluctant to take direct donations, as doing so would cut out my publisher, who works hard on getting my books out there. Now that I’m my own publisher, well, hell, I can take your money without scruple. So I will.

As a guide, the average donation to date is $11.75; the smallest was $0.50, and the largest was $200.


I’ll update the finances page with monthly (or more frequent) entries showing the sums collected.

I’m also repeating my previous practice of helping my readers donate copies of the book to libraries, schools, and other institutions that have requested them.


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  1. Devan says:

    I feel like I’m your beta-tester :). The Google Checkout link goes to a link, and says it’s only for testing.

  2. Chris Doherty says:

    Well, donations still not working – I was happy to get the MP3’s, much the best format for my long commute, and wanted to throw you a few bucks.

    You might think about chargeing a little for the convenience of the big zips – while letting folks download individual files for free.

  3. spookie says:

    I wish I had a reason to boast that I know the difference between mean and median. I know what a mode is as well, and how they affect a bell curve. I got an A in stats despite forgetting my calculator and being late (I overslept and arrived halfway through the 2 hour exam) for the final. Despite having half as long as my classmates and being the only member of the class without a calculator, I had the highest score in the class. I LOVE statistics!

    There. I got my boasting out of the way. Thanks, Cory! And thanks for a great book!

  4. Petter says:

    Havent listened to the whole thing yet, but so far some of the best you’ve written imo :)

    I would love to donate, if you had some way of doing it without using the companies that refuse to cooperate with wikileaks.

    Not easy to do, havent found any good alternatives myself except flattr..

    Donating books is ofc another good option :)

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  9. Ian Fiebig says:

    Any chance for a paypal alternative?

  10. Michael says:

    Hi Cory, have you considered accepting bitcoin for donations?

    It’s 100% free to use, and accept payments to.

    I’ll also note that Slashdot has another article on the front page about bitcoin.

    There are two ways to get started.
    1. download the client from the bitcoin website, and run it. Then just publish the payment address it gives you.
    2. Use an Ewallet service, and follow their instructions.

    (I’ll donate a pitiful amount (’cause I’ve only got a pitiful amount) of bitcoins when I notice you’ve done this.)

    • Thanks, Michael! There seems to be a real confusion of Bitcoin transaction processors. Most of the ones I looked at want you to give the files to them, and then they sell them and remit the Bitcoins to you. This won’t work with my model of frequently updated files. Do you have a suggestion for a preferred, easy-to-use processor?

  11. Tim says:

    So, maybe my previous comment got marked as spam? Basically it was, “why not accept Bitcoins, the awesome, open source, peer-to-peer crypto-currency?” with a few relevant links.

    Anyway, I would love to give you some bitcoins. I don’t like Paypal (not to mention, they don’t like me, I’ve never been able to donate using Paypal, even when I’ve tried). Cheers!

  12. I’d loved to see Bitcoins technology featured in one of your upcoming novels..

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  14. Thilo says:

    Bitcoin would be a great fit for you and your readers, I think.

    In the mean-time, I’ll try sending a dollar to using TipTheWeb.

  15. Thilo says:

    I see that you have joined Flattr:

    How about registering a Thing for each of your books there?

  16. Adam Monsen says:

    +1 for bitcoins.

    Recently they’re a pretty hot commodity, though. :)

  17. Jason Rogers says:

    I haven’t downloaded walh yet, but I downloaded and enjoyed a your previous work and this payment of 100 bucks is for that enjoyment. Please write faster!

  18. Juris Sulcs says:

    Your site wold not let me use a Visa card to donate from USA, is paypal only option? If so I will use, just that it’s a bit of bother…

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