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I was delighted an honored to be invited to join PM Press’s roster of Outspoken Authors, a collection of slim volumes of fiction, argument, and dialogue from writers who indulge in a little polemic with our fiction.

I’m often asked whether I see myself as an activist first, or a science fiction writer. I don’t see much of a meaningful distinction. Science fiction writers are rotten at predicting the future (our track record is about the same as you’d get by throwing darts into a pitch-black Olympic stadium carpetted with futuristic predictions generated by Markoff chains). But we’re all of us trying to influence the future, or the present, or our view of the past. Writing about humanity’s relationship with technology is an activist pursuit, because it requires that you take a stand on how things really are, or ought to be. We live in a technological society, and it is impossible to write about technological change without writing about social change.

So here’s my contribution to the world of Outspoken Authordom — a novella, an essay, and an interview. They’re as good an introduction to my work and sensibility as you’re likely to find. I hope you’ll enjoy them — and consider joining the fight for the future.