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If you’re a teacher or librarian and you want a free copy of With a Little Help, send an email to, which is staffed by my awesome donations coordinator, Olga Nunes. Be sure to include your institution’s name, address, phone number, and any notes. Once Olga has vetted your request, your name and institutional address will be posted to the donations page so that potential donors can see it.

If you enjoyed the electronic edition of With a Little Help and you want to donate something to say thanks, go to this list and find a teacher or librarian you want to support. Buy a copy for them and one will be printed and shipped, and we’ll put a note up next to their listing saying that they’ve gotten a copy, and thank you by name. “If you don’t want to be publicly acknowledged for your generosity, let us know and we’ll keep you anonymous, otherwise we’ll thank you on the donate page.”

I’ve done this with four of my titles now, and gotten more than a thousand books into the hands of readers through your generosity. I am more grateful than words can express for this — one of my readers called it “paying your debts forward with instant gratification.” That’s a heck of a thing, isn’t it?


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  1. Thanks as always for your open approach to content…

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