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  1. Dk

    Hey dude, i gotta say, i loved littler brother more than any other book i have ever read. i got it from my cousin, i couldnt stop reading it, after 5 hours i finished the book xD. reason is that i relate to that book a lot, well, no, i dont. i wish i could, certain aspects of it i do, im kind of geeky and love electronics with all of my heart. thing is, in little brother they have it so easy man. im 6’1 and im in 8th grade. my parents want me to join a sport, i try act enthusiastic about it. i hate sports. another thing is that he’s got a group of people, he got tons of people to help him, i cant find one person as interested as i am. well, i love FTW and Little Brother, now i have to read your newest one, well, best of luck to you, keep on writing great books.

  2. NG

    I just finished reading little brother for my third time and i was still moved and scared when marcus found himself under the waterboard. I was laughing when ange gave marcus a taste of her hot spray. And i had a big-ass smile when Marcus took the DHS out of the state. Little Brother is an AMAZING work of fiction and i hope it doesn’t get overlooked. Great job man!

  3. justlookitup

    Your books are fantasic, you speeches inspiring as well as informative. Keep up the good work!

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