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  1. Bruce Campbell

    I’ve been listening to the audio readings from WALH, and been really impressed. John Taylor Williams has been doing sterling work wrangling what must be extreme variability with raw audio into a consistent structure. Your intro and outro peices are great, and the voice talent reading has been exceptional.

    The crown, so far has got to be passed to Leo Laporte, whose professionalism simply outshines everyone else. I had no idea that he would be such a good reader, both in his emotional connection as well as his technical expertise. I suppose after doing all these years of TWiT, the audio engineering stuff must be muscle memory; it’s just that his performance is so very, very good. Wil Wheaton also deserves mention, but Leo’s technical quality was head and shoulders above anything I’ve heard so far.

    Congratulations, Cory, on getting this thing together, and on being such an obvious mensch that so many talented folk rose to your request to help out.

    It’s an awesome achievement, and I can only imagine how proud you must feel.


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