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40K, an Italian publisher, have brought out a standalone ebook version of my novella Chicken Little, publishing it simultaneously in English and Italian with some lovely illustrations. They’re starting it off at a low price (which will go up on Nov 16): $0.99 in the Kindle store; £0.86 in the UK Kindle store; €0.99 in the German Kindle store; and €0.99 for the Italian edition in Bookrepublic (use discount code 7ATE9).

Cory Doctorow’s novella ‘Chicken Little’ does an excellent job of updating and commenting on some of the themes that informed Pohl & Kornbluth’s classic novel ‘The Space Merchants’. Doctorow’s updated high-tech take on Pohl’s take on Jonathan Swift’s ‘struldbrugs,’ creatures who have immortality but not eternal youth, continuing to age through their extended lives, is particularly ingenious.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one show up on an award ballot next year.” -Gardner Dozois, Locus Magazine

“Chicken Little” also appears in my CC-licensed short story collection With a Little Help and was reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection