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One interesting thing about selling print-on-demand books is that they can be instantiated all over the world, close to where the orders are. For years, pundits have predicted corner store kiosks that can print any book every written, and though we’re nowhere near that stage today, there are the first inklings of what such a world might look like.

The University of Melbourne’s Custom Book Centre has a sophisticated, well-established print-on-demand service that can efficiently print, bind and ship books across Australia and New Zealand. They got in touch with me about my DIY short story collection With a Little Help, which is sold in the US via Lulu and Amazon‘s print-on-demand services.

I’ve got a lot of readers in Australia and New Zealand, at least judging by the sales figures from my Harper Collins titles, and from the attendance at my Austalian events (not to mention the disproportionate orders for the limited edition hardcover of With a Little Help). So I’m delighted to announce that these books are now on sale locally for AUD21.25 from the U Melbourne CBC, which is also wholesaling through the region (which means that Aussie and Kiwi bookstores can order the title for their shelves).

If you’ve got a similar set up in some other spot and want to try your hand at carrying With a Little Help, I’d love to hear from you!