/ / News, Red Team Blues

Burbank: Apr 26, 6PM, Dark Delicacies

San Francisco: Apr 30, 2PM, San Francisco Public Library (with Annalee Newitz)

PDX/Cedar Hills: May 2, 7PM, Powell’s (with Andy Baio)

Mountain View: May 5, 7PM, Books, Inc (with Mitch Kapor)

Berkeley: May 6/7, Bay Area Book Fair (with Glynn Washington and Wendy Liu)

Vancouver: May 10, 9:50AM, Open Source Summit

Vancouver: May 10, 6:30PM, Heritage Hall (with Sean Cranbury)

Calgary, May 11, 7PM, Wordfest (with Peter Hemminger)

Gaithersburg, May 20, 3:15PM, Gaithersburg Book Festival

DC, May 22, Public Knowledge Emerging Tech Conference (keynote)

Toronto: May 23, 8PM, WEPFest (with with The Rheostatics’ Dave Bidini, Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert, and the whistleblower Nancy Olivieri)

Hay-on-Wye: May 27/28, HowTheLightGetsIn

Oxford: May 29, 7PM, Blackwell’s (with Tim Harford)

Nottingham: May 30, 6:30PM, Waterstones (with Christian Reilly)

Manchester: May 31, 6:30PM, Waterstones (with Ian Forrester)

London: Jun 1, 2PM, UCL Peter Kirstein Lecture

Edinburgh: Jun 3, Cymera Festival

London: Jun 5, 7:15PM, British Library (with Baroness Martha Lane Fox)

Berlin: Jun 7, Re:publica keynote (with Rebecca Giblin)