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SRSLY WRONG is a leftist/futuristic podcast incorporating sketches in long-form episodes; I became aware of them last year when Michael Pulsford recommended their series on “library socialism”, an idea I was so stricken by that it made its way into The Lost Cause, a novel I’m writing now. The Wrong Boys invited me on for an episode (Stop Techno Dystopia!) (MP3) as part of the Attack Surface tour and it came out so, so good! Thanks, Wrong Boys!

2 Responses to “Stop Techno Dystopia with SRSLY WRONG”

  1. nery

    The mp3 link doesn’t seem to work — it points to an xml file with an access denied message …

  2. Cory Doctorow

    Yeah, they appear to have some kind of countermeasure for deep linking, alas.

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