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I’m going to be in Berlin next week to promote the German edition of my novel Walkaway: I’ll be appearing at DTK-Wasserturm from 20h-22h, sponsored by Otherland Books. Entry is free — I hope to see you there!

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  1. zygia

    Hey Cory – or how do you want to be called? You can call me Zygia (Kataskop).

    I am glad you continue promoting Walkaway having just read it for the second time. So much depth in there and I am able to relate in so many new ways since first reading it after release.

    Can you point me to people and initiatives that try to make your portrayed B&Bs, WalkawayU, etc. a reality? Or to people in your sphere who can point me there? I am curious as these portraits will have some connection to present day developments and movements, my guess at least.

    In the end, I am trying to make a move from philosophizing – a lot of fun, like reading Walkaway – to taking action, and I found B&Bs one of the most full stack kind of constructions. I am also drawing inspiration from Suarez’s Holons in Freedom ™, Hertling’s Cortex Island.

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