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Make has posted on of my columns from the print edition online; “Walled Gardens vs. Makers” is a look at the way that modern, Internet-era making is built on knowledge sharing and collaboration, and how walled gardens get in the way:

Because, of course, today I have millions of hacks and tips and tricks and ideas at my fingertips, thanks to the internet and the tools that run on top of it. When I invent or discover something, I immediately put it on the net. And when I find myself in a corner of the world that is not to my liking, I Google up some hack that someone else has put on the net and apply it or adapt it to my needs.

Making, in short, is not about making. Making is about sharing. The reason we can make so much today is because the basic knowledge, skills, and tools to make anything and do anything are already on the ground, forming a loam in which our inspiration can germinate.

Walled Gardens vs. Makers