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Eric Moreau sez,

You may remember I translate novels for French publishing houses and articles for a website and non-profit called Framasoft.
This week-end, Framasoft took part in an event called “Ubuntu Party” dedicated to promoting the Ubuntu distro, free software and free culture. This event took place in the Cité des Sciences de La Villette in Paris.

We were there with several other non-profits such as April (free software advocates) Mozilla (you may have heard of them already) and La Quadrature du Net (leading the fight in Europe for Net neutrality). Now let me get to the point : with a dozen other GNU/Linux enthusiasts (some with us in the room we were in, others online), we did a “translation sprint” (which we dubbed “Traducthon”) during which we translated your article “Why I won’t buy an iPad“.

How did we proceed ? We took your article and put it in a free software called Etherpad, then translated it live in front of visitors (who could get involved too) on a one and only document broadcast on a screen for everyone to see. We were all using free software only (ubuntu, firefox and an Etherpad installed on our own server. We only had three hours to do it and achieved our goal.

Now our translation is out on our blog free for everyone to read, share and remix.