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Kyt Dotson has written a fantastic piece of fanfic about, well, me! She writes, “Since xkcd has been pushing the whole red cape and goggles for Cory, I decided to extend the mythology myself — as a writer I suspect it’s one of the things we are wont to do anyway. So I wrote Hello Cory, which is basically a Cory Doctorow fan fiction/cameo set with the Mill Avenue Vexations universe (no, if you don’t live in Tempe, AZ you probably haven’t heard of it.) And I Creative Commons licensed the work, just because a suitable tribute to Cory could accept nothing less.”

Who did you piss off?”


I’d heard that acronym before, but I don’t run in quite the right circles to fully grasp its significance. Elaine would rant about how they were collectively destroying music and movies and treated everyone like criminals.

He went on. “The MPAA and the RIAA will certainly want to intercept me. This is why I’ve been traveling by night with the camouflaged balloon. I had to leave it a few miles back.” An expression of sorrow crossed his face. “I figured that I was flying in the right direction, but I lost my star fix and had to slow down to get my bearings. That’s when they fell upon me. Dark shapes like wicked fingers slashed out of the night from all directions, I tried to out run them with the phlogiston overdrive…but the fiends had struck the boiler and then it ruptured.”


Update: And the next morning, Paul Parkinson read this aloud and put the MP3 online!