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Here’s a reading from my forthcoming young adult novel, “Little Brother,” about San Francisco hacker kids who fight back against the Department of Homeland Security. Tor will publish it in May, 2008.

I really went to town on the samples and mixing in this one, hauling out Audacity, the free/open sound-editing program, and grabbing a boatload of samples from the Freesound project, and a little punk guitar from the Anchormen, a great Boston act.

This reading is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.

MP3 link

Here are the credits for the samples:
Guitar samples:Moonface and Mass Ave Attack by the Anchormen(Used by permission)
Burrito joint:Loud Family Restaurant by cognito perceptu
Crowd sounds:20070402.crowd.flac by dobroide
Laughter:laughter.wav by sagetyrtle
Laughter:laugh loud.wav by ERH
Siren:sirenaMP3.mp3 by zippi1
Helicopter:20070210.helicopter.01.wav by dobroide
Screaming:M207b12_More_screaming.wav by Experimental Illness
Traffic:traffic stereo.wav by cognito perceptu
Bassline:BL_SL004_100.mp3 by bassmatiker