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Dave Younce has created a great machine-generated remix of Printcrime, the lead story in my new collection Overclocked. Every time you reload the page, it reorders the sentences. Says Dave, “Some sentences inevitably repeat, which makes it
sound like poetry or drug-addled memories. Sometimes the story’s
outcome is the same, sometime’s it’s completely different, often its
nonsensical. It’s fun to refresh.”

The kind of thing that cost a fortune over the counter; the kind of thing you could print at home, if you didn’t mind the risk of having your kitchen filled with a sudden crush of big, beefy bodies, hard truncheons whistling through the air, smashing anyone and anything that got in the way. God knew what he went through in prison. “Lanie, I’m going to print more printers. Lots more printers. One for everyone.”

“There’s no hat or laptop that’s worth going to jail for.” “Let me tell you the thing that I decided while I spent ten years in lockup.”