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I’m heading out for a couple weeks’ holidays now — back on January 2. Taking a cue from danah boyd, I’m discarding all the mail that comes in between now and then; that way I won’t come back from hols with a million emails shouting for my attention and harshing my mellow. It’s a good way of managing holiday away-time, keeping work from creeping into downtime — I’m seeing it more and more.

Of course, the rest of the gang will still be here. If you want to submit a Boing Boing suggestion, use the form. I just delete Boing Boing suggestions I get by email, anyway, so this is always the right thing to do, no exceptions, ever, period.

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If you’re looking to talk to someone about licensing some of my stories or novels, or commissioning a speech, article or whatnot, contact my agent, Russell Galen.

Have a great holiday, everyone! See you in 07!