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Adam created UnMakers using the Creative-Commons-licensed text of my novel Makers. It opens with the final scene, and invites you to navigate the text that led up to it hypertextually, following character-based indexes to the text. He’d like it if you’d annotate and further link the text, which is in a wiki.

If you want to find out more about a character then click on their name, it’ll send you to a list of chapters that the character is in, ordered by their place in the storyline. Click through to one of these to continue reading the characters story. You can also have a look at a list of all categories here: Categories

There’s also more, with the thread taken out of the story we can see the gaps, the implied stories of the characters time away from the readers stage. We have the opportunity to fill in these blanks, to explain the characters choices and add more depth to the overall story. Since this is a Wiki, anyone can post up a story and tag it with characters and locations, meaning that that characters timeline gets filled in and fleshed out. Backstories can be added. Minor characters can have their pasts delved into. The story can grow.