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Sandy works with the Ice Owls, a team of blind and low-vision hockey players. In the course of making the team’s website, Sandy had need of some sample text with which to test the site with a screen-reader. Instead of opting for the boring, non-representative “lorem ipsum” text, Sandy used text from my novel Makers. What a cool place to find myself — more testament to the awesome power of ubiquitous, pluripotent Creative Commons text!

Update: David Jordan sez, “I just saw your post about Makers as Lorem Ipsum and was reminded about my use of Little Brother in the Google Summer of Code proposal, which is to turn the freedom-loving, debian-based Nokia n900 into an accessibility device that reads printed text. At any rate I made a demo video using Little Brother as an example. I’ll bet this could read a Kindle to a blind person, no matter what Amazon/the publisher says.”