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The audiobook of my latest novel, Makers has been published by Random House Audio, strictly in DRM-free formats over the net (this means that Apple won’t carry it in the iTunes store, even though Audible was willing to carry it without DRM).

The reading is by Bernadette Dunne, a very talented actor. I just listened to this for the first time yesterday and I was blown away by Dunne’s reading. I’m a huge audiobook nut, and I’m incredibly glad to have professional audiobook adaptations of my books from Random House — and doubly grateful to them for supporting my commitment to DRM-free distribution. When you buy this book, you own it. The “terms of service” are “Don’t violate copyright law,” not “By buying this audiobook, you agree that we get to come over and kick you in the ass.”

Makers, read by Bernadette Dunne

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