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Jenyce sez, “I am a 14 yr. old (lucky me) and I’m in high school (land of book projects), and I decided to do a project on your book. Our project is to pretend that we are the main character, and make a scrapbook. We have to make it, as if we were the main character, and guess what the character would put in it. Heck, I don’t think Marcus would be one to even think about making a scrapbook…but IF he did I’d would have to make it. One of the items I decided to put in mine, was the newspaper heading of the story that Barbara wrote (It’s displayed as if it was ripped out of the paper)…I had to make it, so I did it on the computer (photoshop is a wonderful thing)”

I think this totally rocks. Jenyce has a future in photoshopping!

Update: Here’s some more of Jenyce’s art: