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Jesse2014 writes:

‘For The Win’ was incredibly exciting and inspiring. It is not the first book of yours that made me feel that way, but it was the difference in motivating me to become a small part of the movement to use gold farming for development and freedom. The kind of stuff you were writing about seems so possible.

So I’ve created a wiki where people might work together to undertake the quest. I wanted to let you know because of your huge role in this already.

My next plan is to help build a free online marketplace where some kind of ‘fair trade’ gold/power-leveling can be exchanged. I’d like to make this website as open and collaborative as possible so that anyone can improve and build on it. Then to help gold farmers get access to computers, games and bandwidth that don’t come with the same requirements of their current bosses – donated for free, that they can use on their own terms.

There will be many challenges on the way but I believe it will be worth it. As you said, we can all lead ourselves.