Cory Doctorow has a way of tackling complicated subjects, such as economics and workers’ rights, in a really honestly, cool format. Video games are something that most teenagers are at least passably familiar with and so they make more sense than abstract explanations. And it’s fantastically well-written—there’s that, too.

The cover was clean, vivid, dynamic, and interesting. It’s not one of the most intriguing covers I’ve ever seen, but it definitely suits the story and doesn’t distract from it. Doctorow, from time to time, inserts brief lessons in game play and economics into his narrative—little asides that explain things a bit more. These manage to be educational without being patronizing, which is a tenuous balance in YA fiction. That, to me, was the most impressive part of the book.

Even if he writes only YA books his entire career, I’ll read whatever Cory Doctorow publishes. After Little Brother , I was very impressed. For the Win just cements my respect for him, both as a writer and as a man with a message.

Lisa M, School Library Journal