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Above you’ll find links to downloadable editions of the text of Content. These downloads are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, which lets you share it, remix it, and share your remixes, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis.

It’s kind of a tradition around here that my readers convert my ebooks to their favorite formats and send them to me here, and it’s one that I love! If you’ve converted these files to another format, send them to me and I’ll host them, but before you do, make sure you read the following:

  • Only one conversion per format, first come, first serve. That means that if someone’s already converted the file to a Femellhebber 3000 document, that’s the one you’re going to find here. I just don’t know enough about esoteric readers to adjudicate disputes about what the ideal format is for your favorite device.
  • Make sure include a link to the reader as well. When you send me an ebook file, make sure that you include a link to the website for the reader technology as well so that I can include it below.
  • No cover art. The text of this book is freely copyable, the cover, not so much. The rights to it are controlled by my publisher, so don’t include it with your file.
  • No DRM. The Creative Commons license prohibits sharing the file with “DRM” (sometimes called “copy-protection”) on it, and that’s fine by me. Don’t send me the book with DRM on it. If you’re converting to a format that has a DRM option, make sure it’s switched off.

Fan conversions:

12 Responses to “Download Content For Free”

  1. Eric

    Thanks for publishing this on the net for free. At this instance of my life, I am broke and scrabbling for a job, and reading this collection of essays provided some much needed mental fuel to get back out there and keep plugging away. +20 karma for you!

  2. Carol Fifield

    I love that I can download your stuff. I am going to share with my kids, but already know about cory Doctorow from the book little brother. the concepts of this book really are coming to life. As a teens librarian its one that is rarely on the shelf but I do recommend it. If Cory’s books are as good as Little Brother, I’ve a great author to recommend to my teen market. More people need to think about the sharing of information and not keeping it precious. As a “new school” type librarian (I work in a public library in NZ), books and information need to be shared not kept locked up behind closed doors. keep up the great work!

  3. Sam

    Will someone please figure out how to put little brother on kindke for free

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