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David sent me a note and a pic:

Claire and I have been “happy mutants” for several years; and so our 10 year-old son, Joseph, has often seen us chuckle at a Boing Boing posting, marvel at some piece of LEGO engineering or share a piece of Whoviana. I’ve read a few of your books, and I have recently tried to introduce some of your YA fiction to him (without success, so far). Our son enjoys manga, anime and comics. He occasionally will create his own comic for our amusement.

The other day, he created this comic based upon his noticing a certain hidden connection between your last name and a certain character with a blue box we know and love. Maybe it’s not too late to substitute you for Peter Capaldi?

While we haven’t yet gotten into discussions with him about copyleft, Creative Commons and the like, he has obviously picked up from somewhere that rights are an important thing to assert.

Thank you, Joseph! I’m honored.