John Scalzi

Cory Doctorow thinks about lots of things, and he writes about lots of things, and he does both in a way that sends some folks right over the edge. It’s not that Cory is being outrageous to be outrageous—it’s that he realizes that the context of our lives is change. That’s a message some people don’t want to hear. Well, I want to hear it. I don’t always agree with Cory 100%—who agrees with anyone else all the time?—but I never get tired of reading what he’s thinking about next.

John Scalzi, author of Old Man’s War

Henry Jenkins

Reading Context, I felt like there should be a sticker on the cover, much like the one on Cracker Jacks, which promises us ‘a prize in every box’ or perhaps the old slogan for Lay’s Potato Chips, ‘bet you can’t eat just one!’ These bite-sized clusters of observations are munchable and easy to digest, but inside, they carry thoughts that can wake you up in the middle of night. The topics here range across intellectual property, science fiction, technological innovation, media policy, and electronic publishing, but he is often at his best when he pulls things down to the human level, describing the pleasures of being a parent in the digital age, or that guy he knew long ago who wore his sweaters inside out.

Henry Jenkins, author of Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide.

Seth Godin

I can’t say this about many authors, but I can say it about Cory, and without hesitation: Anyone who considers themselves smart, strategic, or even informed about where our digital economy is going (and I hope that’s you) must read him. And this book is a great place to start.

Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

Penn Jillette

As we live in the future going faster miles an hour, I’m thankful that Cory Doctorow has given thought to the modern joys and dangers making our collective head spin. We all need to make time to have the conversations Cory starts in this book.

Penn Jillette, co-star of Penn & Teller

/ / Context, News

Today marks the publication of Context, the followup to my 2008 essay collection, Content, sporting a walloping 44 essays from various newspapers, magazines, and websites, along with a spiffing introduction from my friend and hero Tim O’Reilly. Like all my other books, it’s a free, Creative Commons licensed download, and like my other books, I’d like you to consider buying a copy, either for yourself or for a library or school.