Pirate Cinema Audiobook

This unabridged reading of Pirate Cinema, read by Bruce Mann, is sold without DRM, or license agreement of any kind, and by buying it here, you more than triple the royalties I receive for it.

The audiobook was produced by Random House Audio. Once you've completed your purchase, you'll get a download link for a collection of 128Khz MP3 files, in a ZIP archive. Simply open the archive and load into your favourite digital music player.

You're free to do anything with this that copyright allows -- play it, sing it, swing it, yodel it, I don't give a dern (as Woody Guthrie once said!).

Click here to download an MP3 excerpt from the book

Order Pirate Cinema Audiobook Audio book @ $24.00

5 Responses to “Pirate Cinema Audiobook”

  1. Øystein says:

    I just bought the book (1.5 h ago), but got no download link.

  2. Andreas Krey says:

    Paypal only? You really put me in a tough spot there.

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