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Above you’ll find links to downloadable editions of the text of Little Brother. These downloads are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, which lets you share it, remix it, and share your remixes, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis. Some people don’t understand why I do this — so check out this post if you want my topline explanation for why I do this crazy thing.

It’s kind of a tradition around here that my readers convert my ebooks to their favorite formats and send them to me here, and it’s one that I love! If you’ve converted these files to another format, send them to me and I’ll host them, but before you do, make sure you read the following:

  • Only one conversion per format, first come, first serve. That means that if someone’s already converted the file to a Femellhebber 3000 document, that’s the one you’re going to find here. I just don’t know enough about esoteric readers to adjudicate disputes about what the ideal format is for your favorite device.
  • Make sure include a link to the reader as well. When you send me an ebook file, make sure that you include a link to the website for the reader technology as well so that I can include it below.
  • No cover art. The text of this book is freely copyable, the cover, not so much. The rights to it are controlled by my publisher, so don’t include it with your file.
  • No DRM. The Creative Commons license prohibits sharing the file with “DRM” (sometimes called “copy-protection”) on it, and that’s fine by me. Don’t send me the book with DRM on it. If you’re converting to a format that has a DRM option, make sure it’s switched off.

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107 Responses to “Download Little Brother For Free”

  1. David Simpson

    Just finished “Little Brother.” You’ve got me thinking—thank you.
    I’m toying with the idea of assigning the book (or the audio) in my Fall semester Web2.0 tools course for first-year students. Any chance that I could arrange my students sending you some questions?

    Keep up the good work.
    David Simpson,
    Professor of Psychology

  2. Soumya

    Cory, your book is absolutely brilliant. My eyes had never been opened to the dire consequences of letting the government get out of hand (I’ve only just started reading 1984), and although the novel left me pretty scared, it showed me how suddenly things can change, and how important it is that we prevent the government from taking over our lives. I started reading the books you listed in your bibliography, and I’m reading The Hacker Crackdown right now. I checked out EFF’s site and subscribed to the mailing list, but unfortunately I was too late to sign on to the OECD petition. I thank you for inspiring me to return to my passion for technology and electronic freedom. I really, really loved the novel and just wanted to let you know that I hold it in the highest regard. Obviously, I downloaded it (read the whole damn thing on a PSP screen) but as soon as I can get enough money together (I’m 15 and without employment) I’ll definitely buy it. You definitely deserve the money. Keep up the great work!

  3. Spiritus ex Machina

    Chapters 3, 4, and the last part of chapter 20 are some of the most frightening, disturbing fiction I’ve ever read, in a reading career that spans five decades. These chapters begin to give the barest hint of what happens to the “detainees” the U.S. Govt has squirreled away.

    Read this book! Act on what you learn!


  4. WeCanChangeTheWorld

    I figure this comment could probably go either here or on the donate page (due to the connection with libraries).

    Anyway, I know that some libraries now have a feature that allows their patrons to download audiobooks. I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know too much about the details, but a search of “public library” “download audiobooks” gives a sampling of some of the libraries which do this. I was thinking that Little Brother would be a great candidate book to make available to these libraries in audiobook format.

    A company called Overdrive announced back in March “that it will expand its catalog of download audiobooks to include titles in MP3 format without DRM”, and they are “the leading digital book distributor” to libraries.

    Seems like it should be able to work out somehow, in other words…

  5. Bilal

    plz send me a book whos title is

    ” Decline of the west”

  6. Dennis Groves

    The Unix help file format is a man file, what has been supplied is an Info file. Info files are the format of gnu emacs help files. Often they can be read stand alone at the command line by the gnu info program with info -r ‘filename’. The unix help file format is standard on all systems, where as info files are common; but not standard.

  7. William Mayo

    Oh, Cory… Using Openoffice’s broken HTML renderer to produce the HTML version?

    I know you have a rule about no replacements, but would a properly coded XHTML file be turned down?

  8. Bob Warner

    Thank you so much for offering this book for free. It has come highly recomended from several people who’s opinion i regard greatly. I’m looking forward to reading it as I’ve been told by said people that my personality and character is reflected in your characters.

  9. Matt D. Harris

    The .info file is not a “UNIX help file format”. Generally speaking, the closest thing to help files that we have in the UNIX world are man pages, which are more similar to the TeX format. The INFO file is a GNU INFO file, which is specific to the GNU “info” software.

  10. Francisco Valenzuela

    I read Cory Doctorow’s comment for Accelerando by Charles Stross (the comment was: “Makes hallucinogens obsolete”) and decided to look Cory up in Wikipedia.

    I downloaded and read Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom last week; it is a lighter sci-fi read than many others I’ve come across (including books by Stross, W. Gibson, D. Simmons and N. Stephenson) and found it different and refreshing;

    I really think I will enjoy Little Brother very much and hope to find it to be a more ambitious work.

    Thank you for using a Creative Commons license.


    F. Valenzuela

  11. Sheen

    You have actually changed my life and my outlook on computers, hackers and everything to do with mindset.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  12. Fickle

    WOW. I just finished reading your book here and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m going to buy and distro copies next time I have spare cash. Honestly, I’m amazed mostly at how real the book is. Not just the setting, but the characters — they’re believable, they’re relevant, and you have all the details of our culture down perfectly. It’s really rare that people manage to write books like this without them getting hugely dated or the authors messing up on the tech, which makes this book absolutely fantastic. I’m going to review it on my livejournal & insanejournal (don’t know if you know, but there was a firestorm last year where lj shut down thousands of accounts while on an inept sweep to block child porn, so now a lot of people prefer insanejournal), and link here, just to try to get more people to read it.

    Again, excellent novel. It might be one of the most books most relevant to my life that I’ve ever read.

  13. Masked Phrogg


    re: Little Brother Thank You!

    I just got ’round to reading my Nov 2008 Linux Journal :-0
    and saw the interview with Dan Sawyer. How did I miss this? Well, stuff happens. Quickly found the link, again (groan), to craphound. Within minutes I’m reading the Preface on my iPod (bg)
    Hope to be bringing the SecondLife version into my OpenSimulator region soon.
    [ http://opensimulator.orghttp://osgrid.org — Open Source implementation of the SecondLife virtual world]

  14. Jim in Iowa

    I am half way through and only put it down to write this. Argh! It is in audiobook form at my library too!

    What about posting an alt-audiobook at this site as a mp3 or m4b format? What about a multi-voice audio-play version? Nude musical revue? er, nix that one.

    I had a similar reaction to the book Feed by M.T. Anderson, another book about the near future that is a metaphor for current culture.

  15. Russ Abbott

    Just read little brother, got a copy at my local library (UK) so I guess all is not lost. Freedom can only be preserved by a set of rules however those rules should be organic and their legitimacy derived from the majority not the dictat of the few. It is and should be our fundamental right to subscribe to beliefs or lifestyles of our choosing provided they do not harm others in society, that is the function of law

  16. Julio T.

    You continue to be one of my heroes (despite the fact you’re young enough to be my son…I’ve never been ageist)

    You have inspired me to attach a Creative Commons license to my photos on PBase since I really, really like the concept and would be flattered to pieces if someone, other than a close friend or relative, actually found a use for one of them.

    After reading your “Someone comes…” (in the more satisfying tactile format) you also inspired me to make sure my next cellphone purchase included wifi…sadly area-wide free wifi hasn’t happened even in the hippest parts of Vancouver. That didn’t work out all that well.

    Still, 1 out 2 ain’t bad.

    Regards and keep up the great work.

  17. Alejandro

    I ripped through your book ignoring all other stimuli.
    Loved it and I am recomending it to all my friends.
    Best of luck

  18. moz

    You know, the remarkable thing is that you’ve NAMED THE FILE PROPERLY. Thank you for that. Thank you. Oh, and thank you for making the book available as well.

    I am a little sick of downloading books (or anything) called sdlkjfhdslfuysr.book. Yes, thank you for the book. Now, who wrote this and why do I have it?

  19. Gary G

    Can someone point me to a version that I can move to my Kindle? I tried moving the PDF version and the pagination got whacked.

    Any help appreciated.

  20. Warren

    This book is going on the “suggested reading” list for my children, and I’ll donate it to their school after we are done with it. A good story and piles of well explained geekery.

  21. Andy Crofts

    Thanks – started reading it at 07:00 this morning, just finished. Couldn’t put it ‘down’ (OK, e-read).
    Not so far-fetched – See UK.
    Thanks for a damn good read!
    -Andy – Oulu, Finland

  22. StoreCrowd

    I find it fantastic that you’ve released parts of the book to be remixed & distrubuted on. I’d be keen to know how this release of material has increased or impacted your overall marketing strategy/increased sales of the book?

  23. Rob

    Schools are already prisons. Ones that the government says our youth will waste away in until they are considered adequately indoctrinated, er I mean “educated”.

  24. James Simmons

    It looks like a lot of people have converted your book to other formats. I did something different: I modified an ebook reading program I had written for One Laptop Per Child so it could read Little Brother. (The original reader only worked with Project Gutenberg etexts, which have line feeds at the end of each line. I made some trivial modifications so it could handle text files that need word wrapping).

    I have just finished reading Little Brother using my own program and I haven’t enjoyed reading anything that much in a very long time. It made me feel like a teenager reading a really intense Heinlein juvenile.

    I plan to buy copies for every kid I know.

  25. Leah Lemur

    My dad bought Little Brother a while ago, and after I’d read it the first time through, i just HAD to open it and read it again, from the very beginning. And I just had to talk to somebody about it – but all of my friends are german and none of them are fluent enough in english to read a whole book (or, more likely, they just think they are and are scared of a whole unabridged english book). There is a german translation- and it’s really good, too- but i just can’t give an english book to my 13-jear- old neighbour, nor can i send him the link to read it on his PC because his mom won’t allow that and i won’t force him to read on a PC from the last century. It’s pretty annoying that there’s no dead-tree- edition of your book in German. Can anything be done about that?
    and another question: do you know in which languages Little Brother’s already translated in? Because I was thinking of triying to translate it in Bulgarian but don’t know if someone’s already done that. It’d be great if you could post the translations you know of so people know if they can find it in their native tongue….
    Greets, Leah

  26. Jo

    Oh, how great are you? I already bought the book but I love that you’re making it available like this, so I can put it on my ebook reader too :)

  27. Teto


    I am about to start reading Little Brother, and I was wondering if there is any community working on the translation of it. I do not have much time, but if there is such an effort going on, I am fluent both in English and Spanish, and I would be willing to contribute some pages translated into Spanish.
    Let me know.

  28. W1nst0n

    i got to say REALLY GOOD BOOK!!! ^_^, I loved it. I read it for an english project. i hope i spelt the handle correctly. Now that i think of it my english teacher wants me to do a report on it she might not be to happy with this book. but i Loved it.

  29. KT

    I have an e-reader on the Iphone called Stanza. Any advice from readers on how to download Little Brother to my Iphone utilizing Stanza.
    It is comptabible with Project Gutenberg among others.

  30. RG

    @KT I think it is available within Stanza if you search for it in the Project Guttenberg collection

  31. Jeff

    I just finished reading “Little Brother”. I went with the free, online version. I started with the PDF for a few chapters, then changed over to the HTML version, and read the last half as a text file. Thank you for making them all available. I enjoyed the story.

    It made me think. A lot. It’s weird, I’m pushing forty, so I’m not sure I’m the target audience being ten years and change over the “trust no one over twenty-five” line, but the book had me thinking about my beliefs, social and political.

    I’ve fancied myself a Republican and I voted for George W. Bush twice. I think, had it not been for President Bush, John McCain might have made a good President. That’s a gut-thought, as are/were a lot of my beliefs, but one I think I still see some truth in. Of course, I voted for Obama in the last election. There’s many reasons for that, and I won’t go into them because they’re not well thought out, and you probably don’t really care. I haven’t been converted though, at least, in the sense that I’m a Democrat now — that hasn’t happened.

    The truth is, I don’t know what I am anymore. I’m conservative by nature, but I’m not religious. I don’t believe in “gay marriage”, just marriage and I think it should be a right for everyone, no matter sexual orientation. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” seems like a stupid policy (anyone willing and brave enough should be allowed to serve their country), but at the same time I feel that if you want to be a soldier, you need to be a soldier. Keep your sexuality out of it. I thought I believed in trading some of my personal liberty for better security — protection against the terrorists — but I’ve been having my doubts and “Little Brother” hasn’t helped.

    Maybe I’m starting a mid-life crisis, except instead of ditching my wife for some 20-year-old hottie with big, fake boobs; I going through a sociopolitical rebirth. Actually, more likely fueling my recent awakening is that I have a 2 1/2-year-old daughter. I want her to grow up safe and free. Are we headed in that direction?

    I know this is incoherent. Welcome to my brain. This is praise though, at least I mean it to be. I’m at a point in my life we’re I’m confused and not seeing things the way I used to. But I’m also at a point where I want to figure things out. “Little Brother” seems to have dropped in my lap at just the right time to make an impact on me. I want to be like M1k3y, but in truth, I’m probably more like his father after the bombing. What do I need to do change? (I’m asking myself this.)

    I guess I wanted to say thank you. It was very entertaining. And again, because I think it was what you were going for, it made me think and I thought you should know. I’ve been questioning my beliefs for a while, and “Little Brother” was a cup of gas thrown on those burning embers. I’ll probably buy a copy for myself, but I will definitely donate a copy through your website.

    – Jeff

  32. Keith Lofstrom

    Cory –

    Thanks for the great writing, the great ideas, and being a fine fellow in general. The planet spins easier with you on it.

    Could you provide public key signatures for the ascii versions of your downloadable books? Centuries from now, after your works have been edited and remixed, it would be helpful for scholars and loyal readers to be able to authenticate what you actually wrote, and track all the fascinating changes that occurred over the life of the stories born from your keyboard.

    SF writer Zenna Henderson began chapters of her “People” novels with Bible quotes. She died; bad planning. The current copyright owner stripped the quotes to make the work more commercial. I’m an agnostic, but it pisses me off that she has been censored by the copyright holders. Don’t let that to happen to you.

  33. allan wallace

    If life moved in a linear fashion, this would be next year’s news. But life sits, dawdles, and then jumps — something similar to this could be tomorrow’s reality.

    And the book is a fun read.

  34. Tim

    The fan conversions are just great. I love it. Especially the LRF file for my Sony E-Reader. Thanks!

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