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Signed copies: The following stores have signed copies on hand:

BakkaPhoenix Books 697 Queen Street West, Toronto ON Canada M6J1E6, +1 416 963 9993

Borderlands Books 866 Valencia Ave, San Francisco CA USA 94110 +1 888 893 4008 Order from Borderlands before May 22 and I'll inscribe a personal dedication to you when I do my in-store signing there

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Indiebound (will locate a store near you!)
Barnes and Noble
Compass Books/Books Inc
Anderson's Books
University Bookstore
Mysterious Galaxy
The Tattered Cover

Play.com -- signed stock available as of Nov 27, 2008
Forbidden Planet -- signed stock available as of Nov 27, 2008
Amazon UK


Other countries:
There are a number of foreign editions pending; check back here for more info on publication dates and ISBNs and links

  • Greece: Pataki
  • Russia: AST Publishing
  • France: Universe Poche
  • Norway: Det Norske Samlaget
  • Croatia: Profil International
  • The Netherlands: The Flying Dutchman
  • Israel: Graff Publishing
  • Italy: Newton Compton
  • South Korea: Woongjain Inc
  • Vietnam: Nha Nam Publishing
  • Brazil: Record Books

    18 Responses to “Buy It”

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    5. [...] for free at his Website [craphound.com] in .PDF, .HTML and .TXT file formats, Or you could Buy It. It’s a good book, I would recommended it to anyone willing to read a good [...]

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    7. G0ld5t341 says:

      read the book first in English and then the German translation by Christian Woehrl ...

      Would like to have a copy of the book - as a book - in my bookshelf ...

      Anyone an idea ... Can I buy it here in Germany with the ISBN-number ? - I mean the English (version of cause).

      My mobilphone got PWND with up to 5000 SMSs 4 weeks before I read the book - because a friend of mine has got a flatrate for messages to my provider =) ...

      Thats so FUCKING realistic. Thanks, to the autor for releasing it under CC ... I may not noticed it otherwise.

      All the best,

    8. [...] you haven’t read the book yourself, I recommend buying a copy or downloading one for free to see what all the fuss is about. Why free? He talks about the [...]

    9. [...] go here and buy it you pricks [...]

    10. lia says:

      yup this book is gr8 to read, also thrilling. Want to be hacker nyway. :)

    11. h8FL1NG3r says:

      Hi -

      Just a heads up: The embedded flash link to the Random House audio download isn't working, and Zipdee does not list Little Brother/Doctrorow anymore.

      However, I was able to find the Random House audio download at


      Thanks, Cory - and btw:

      Your perspective on Egypt, and how to parse the NPR etc., reports about TOR project receiving 75% of current funding from DoD/Navy etc would be welcome!


    12. Carlos Santos says:

      I have downloaded the book, but haven't started reading it yet. I really prefer the physical book than reading on a screen. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it anywhere else here in Portugal, I do wonder why heheh :>

    13. [...] derimot, kan enten kjøpe den trykket på døde trær eller laste den ned gratis. Boken er selvfølgelig lisensiert under Creative Commons, slik som alle [...]

    14. [...] Permalink for this paragraph 0 Want to get a copy in the UK? Sure thing! [...]

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