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29 Responses to “Buy”

  1. Thank you for releasing a free version. It pushed me over the edge to buy a copy from Amazon. Thanks, Cory!

  2. John Sawyer says:

    I'd love to buy it Cory but its not available in the UK yet.....

    Any idea when the UK release is due?

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      Thanks, John. It'll be later this spring. Sorry about that. I changed UK publishers and it's resulted in this scheduling cock-up. The new lot, Titan, are FANTASTIC, but the late switch means the release dates have fallen out of synch.

      • I'm really desperate for the Kindle edition in the UK, or the paperback! Little Brother was just so good. (I started reading Little Brother for free, then bought the paperback. I like to own books I've enjoyed.) Can't wait to read this one.

        • Cory Doctorow says:

          Thanks! We're working on it. I'm sorry to say it won't be before Sept, though.

  3. Kostas says:

    Thanks the free release!
    I read the Little Brother and I liked it very much. I started reading it by curiosity and I couldn't let it down. (maybe I wouldn't have start reading it if there wasn't a free pdf of it in my hands).

    After that, I was counting the days for the Homeland to be released. This time I will definitely buy at least a hard-copy of it.

    I am a big fun of your work and the topics you are writing about (privacy/politics/ethics/copyrights/computer/hacking/security/etc)

    Greetings from Greece,
    Kostas P.

  4. Martin Dästner says:

    Thank you for this release. I tried to buy the eBook, but none of the sellers allow non-americans to buy it. This allows me to read it, without waiting for dead tree editions to arrive in Germany! I loved Little Brother and wanna see the story continued. And, like Kostas, i'll get at least a copy for myself when it's here in physical form.

  5. Jan Rubak says:

    Hi Cory,

    Will there be a commercial ebook produced like there was for LB, Makers and FTW, and if so, do you know when it will be available?

    Thanks, and have a (continued) great tour!

    Cheers from Calgary,

  6. Jan Rubak says:

    Argh. I meant *audiobook*, not ebook. Apologies. So, um, will there be a commercially produced *audiobook* available sometime soon?

    • Cory Doctorow says:

      Looks like no. Random House just couldn't afford to carry an author who wouldn't deal with Audible, and I won't, not while they have a mandatory DRM policy.

      • Jan Rubak says:

        Ah, nuts. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully some dedicated fans might take advantage of the CC-licensing and redress that situation. (Hint hint, Sage Tyrtle, if you're not too busy. The Quirky Nomads adaptation and performance "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth" was top notch.)

        • Julien says:

          Won't happen without a waiver. The lincence says "No-derivative".

          • Jan Rubak says:

            Hi Julien. Thanks for pointing that out. By the sounds of Cory's comments there, the No-Derivatives license might well be relaxed at some point in the future, but probably not until after the hardcover and paperback printings have both run their courses (in the various major geographical regions).

            I'd still prefer to have a professional reading, but failing that, I'll gladly take a fan/amateur/author production. Heck, I originally became a fan of both audiobooks and Cory thanks to podiobooks.com.

  7. What about http://www.kobobooks.com ? They say that books are DRMfree and in epub format. Is that good place to buy Homeland?

  8. OK, here we go.
    Thanks for everything.

  9. Mike H says:

    Thanks for confirming the Amazon.ca copy is DRM free! I bought your last book Pirate Cinema from some ebook bundle you blogged about a while back but was pulling my hair out trying to see if Amazon was really the best way to buy this title - I didn't know Amazon gave author's the choice to request DRM free copies.

  10. Chankster says:

    Are you planning on doing a limited edition similar to LB? I'd love to have a matching pair. Many thanks!

  11. Rob says:

    Which for you is the best site to buy the ebook from?

  12. Addison Leigh says:

    Thanks so much for posting a free version, I'll be sure to buy a paper copy as soon as I pass by a chapters; in the meantime, my ereader calls :).

  13. Dietrich Bloess says:

    Your book is really great. I am awaiting the translation to German, to buy it for a few friends. In the meantime it is getting worse now at least for me there are other "Big Playeers": GCHQ and BND (in Germany). And hardly anybody gets excited ("I have nothing to hide"). Your books should be obligatory reading at school.

    Thanks a lot


  14. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for the free version. I will buy a hardcopy as soon as it arrives.

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