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Here’s the final installment in the amazing Instructables series of HOWTOs inspired by my young adult novel Little Brother. This week, it’s a HOWTO on TOR, The Onion Router, a technology for increasing your privacy and anonymity when you look at the web, and for getting around censorwalls.

The Instructables folks did an amazing job with this — and the response has been great!

When you go online, you leave tracks all over the place. You could be hanging out with friends on IM, checking out websites, or downloading music. If you live in a country where snoops are prying into what ordinary citizens do online (lke, um, the US) you want a way to cover those tracks.

If you’re in school, though, then it’s even worse. No matter what country you’re in, chances are that your access to the internets is as snooped-on as any police state in the world.

So, how do we escape our little virtual prisons? In this Instructable, I’ll tell you about something called Tor (The Onion Router.) I’ll tell you how it works, and then offer some simple instructions on how to get your web browser hooked up. No more getting snooped!