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Here’s a reminder that you can pre-order a signed first edition hardcover of Walkaway, my first novel for adults since 2009, which William Gibson called “A wonderful novel” and Edward Snowden called “a reminder that the world we choose to build is the one we’ll inhabit” and Kim Stanley Robinson called “a utopia is both more thought-provoking and more fun than a dystopia” and Neal Stephenson called “the Bhagavad Gita of hacker/maker/burner/open source/git/gnu/wiki/99%/adjunct faculty/Anonymous/shareware/thingiverse/cypherpunk/LGTBQIA*/squatter/upcycling culture, zipped down into a pretty damned tight techno-thriller with a lot of sex in it.”

I signed 2,900 early copies of the first edition, and I’ll be visiting 20 US cities as well as cities across Canada and the UK this spring to read from and discuss the book.

Happily, today’s Booklist contained a starred review by Regina Schroeder, who called it “memorable and engaging” and “ultimately suffused with hope.” This is the book’s second starred review — last December’s Kirkus reviews called it “A truly visionary techno-thriller that not only depicts how we might live tomorrow, but asks why we don’t already.”

The book drops on April 25, and I’m so damned excited I can barely contain myself!

Order your signed copy here.

13 Responses to “Pre-order a signed first edition of Walkaway, which got a starred review in Booklist today!”

  1. Jeff

    Is there any way of pre-ordering a signed copy in the UK/ Eurozone? The extra $13 – $35 postage is a tad harsh :-)

  2. Jeff

    I’m on the RSS for craphound so if you blog about it, I’ll see it and get ordering. Cheers!
    Looking forward to it :-)

  3. mati

    I want to support the book. Had the shipping costs been bundled into the price of the book, I probably wouldn’t have noticed… but the way it is, I had the same reaction as JEFF. Please let us know if there’s a workaround (I’m in Germany), if not I’ll bite the bullet.

    As an aside, does its being a “novel for adults” mean that there will be a sex scene like that one in “Makers”? It’s certainly not the primary reason I’d buy the book (and I love your YA novels) but it sure does spice things up!

  4. Cory Doctorow

    Hey there! Working on a UK link which should be cheaper in .de.

    There is a sex scene, yup!

  5. Aaron

    Is it reasonable to skip the sex scene? I did so in Makers and didn’t find the story to be lacking from not having read that part. I really enjoy your stories and writing style, and am very interested in this book.

  6. Tillys

    I love your thought of what if the Hunger Games started closer to or even at the Reaping. I bet that’s what a writer would do today with all the emphasis on an inciting incident happening ASAP. I think in the end readers are much less picky about this, and it’s too bad if a writer follows “the rules” but that ends up hurting the writing and the story. I think there can be too much pushing of “the rules” in the writing world, and readers are the ones who can lose out, unfortunately.

  7. Rod

    Just ordered a signed copy today, and I was delighted that it was so reasonably priced. Thanks!

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