With a Little Help by Cory Doctorow

Premium hardcover edition
Paul T Vogel, Midwest Book Review

With a Little Help on DailyLit

My DIY short story collection With a Little Help is now available as a series of daily, one-page emails from DailyLit — all 151 installments’ worth!

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Update on limited edition availablity

My binder just delivered another order of With a Little Help hardcovers, and I’ve got 20 in inventory. Going fast, though! Get one while you can!

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Scott Sigler’s WALH podcasting promo

Scott Sigler was kind enough to create an awesome 60-second promo for With a Little Help.

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With a Little Help unboxing

Michael Sauers was so pleased with his limited-edition copy of With a Little Help that he produced an unboxing video and a photoset.

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Give With a Little Help to a library or school

Last month, I launched my DIY short story collection With a Little Help and invited librarians and teachers to send in their addresses so that I could publish a list of worthies to whom copies of the book could be donated. Due to a technical cock-up, these emails went awry and I only figured this out during the Christmas break. The good news is that the list is now online, and ready for your donations. And of course, if you’re a librarian or teacher who’d like to be added to the list, email givewalh@gmail.com.

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Hugo Award nominations are open

The Hugo Award nominations are now open; attendees at last year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne or next year’s in Reno are eligible to nominate. I usually wait until the annual Locus List of notable publications to help me make my choices and jog my memory, but in case you’re wondering, yes, indeed, I do have some items eligible for this year’s ballot:

* Novel: For the Win (Tor, 2010)
* Novella: Chicken Little (Gateways, edited by Jim Frenkel, Tor, 2010)
* Novella: Epoch (published in With a Little Help, Sweet Home Grindstone press, 2010)
* Novella: There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Now is the Best Time of Your Life (published in Godlike Machines, edited by Jonathan Strahan, Science Fiction Book Club, 2010)
* Short story: The Jammie Dodgers and the Adventure of the Leicester Square Screening, (Shareable.net, 2010)
* Short story: Ghosts in My Head (Subterranean Press, 2010)

2011 Hugo Award Nomination Period is Open

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Unboxing a WITH A LITTLE HELP hardcover

Hal Stern got one of the first batch of limited edition hardcovers of With a Little Help, and he received it in time for Christmas. He’s lavishly documented his unboxing experience, and is clearly delighted with the book! I’m about to leave for Christmas holidays but I’ll be back to shipping new batches after January 10. Thanks to everyone who ordered the book so far — about 70 copies of the 250 have been sold!

My first thought, like any kid with a wrapped present in hand, was to tear open the packaging. However, the burlap sack is just wonderful. “Fondled” is too strong; I slowly unrolled the sack ensconcing my book, stopping to take pictures and note the defects in the burlap, the dyes and paints announcing its provenance, and to wipe up the floatsam left behind on my desk. I’ll never look at Amazon’s shrink wrap or packing peanuts with only minor disdain again. This was a labor of love. I saved the burlap sack for reasons that will (I hope) become clear when we finally move out of this house and I have to clean up my office.

What’s inside? Goodness, oh goodness. And a surprise.

Unboxing Cory Doctorow’s “With A Little Help”

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With a Little Help paperbacks now at $14.50!

When I created the Lulu.com store for the With a Little Help paperbacks, I discovered that adding an ISBN to the books automatically raised the minimum price on the book from $11 or so to more than $17 (that’s because adding an ISBN makes the book available to retailers like Amazon, and Lulu wants to have some margin to use for a wholesale discount).

I wasn’t happy about this, but I figured it’d be worth trying a launch-high/discount-later pricing strategy until I could figure out how to get the price down. Now, with help from Lulu, I’ve figured out how to get the paperback price down to a much more reasonable $14.50. The present book interior features some 75 typo-fixes, crowdsourced from early readers (each typo is commemorated with a footnote thanking the eagle-eyed reader).

With a Little Help paperback

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Interview with Mur Lafferty

I did an interview about With a Little Help with Mur Lafferty of the I Should Be Writing podcast. Mur is a great writer and a killer podcaster; she reads one of the stories on the WALH audiobook.

MP3 Link

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Interview with The Command Line podcast

Earlier this week, I chatted with Thomas Gideon of the Command Line podcast about my With a Little Help project; he’s just put up the audio!

MP3 Link

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