Table of Contents

Here are the stories in this book:

  1. The Kingdom of Magic Junk, by Bruce Sterling
  2. Craphound
  3. A Place So Foreign
  4. All Day Sucker [Not online]
  5. To Market, To Market: The Rebranding of Billy Bailey [Not online]
  6. Return to Pleasure Island
  7. Shadow of the Mothaship
  8. Home Again, Home Again
  9. The Super Man and the Bugout
  10. 0wnz0red [Hosted on Salon.com]

7 Responses to “Table of Contents”

  1. Ben H says:

    Some of the links above are wrong.

    Home Again Home Again is at:

    and the link to Pleasure Island is broken – should be:

  2. Thanks for the tip — where is the Pleasure Island link broken?

  3. Nevermind, found it. Thanks!

  4. f says:

    Why aren’t all the chapters online?

  5. quinn says:

    the audio version of the rebranding of billy baily was online, and it was a wonderful listen. have you since taken it down?

  6. I think it got eaten in the last server crash. Bugger.

  7. suppafly says:

    There’s a little preview of the billy bailey story here: http://craphound.com/fic/market.html

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