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Interested in getting a personalized, signed copy of Overclocked shipped right to your door? Two booksellers, one in Toronto, the other in Los Angeles, are taking orders for customized copies of Overclocked.

Bakka Books, Toronto – Place orders before Feb 1, 2007
Bakka is the world’s oldest science fiction bookstore (I used to work there!). They’re hosting a launch for me on Feb 1 and I’ll sign any special orders then.

Canadian shipping is CDN$10, plus the CDN$19.95 cover price. Inquire for overseas rates.

Bakka Books 697 Queen Street West, Toronto, ONT M6J 1E6, ph 416 963 9993.

Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles
Secret HQ is my local comics emporium — they’re terrific. I stop by at least once a week to sign special orders.

US shipping is $5, plus the $15.95 cover price. Inquire for overseas rates.

Secret Headquarters: 3817 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026, 323-666-2228

7 Responses to “Get a signed copy shipped to your door”

  1. […] Cory Doctorow is letting you download his new collection Overclocked for free. I won’t go into the whole Creative Commons thing, which Cory’s been doing for a while now. Instead a comment on the book. I’ve read all of the stories in Overclocked, and reprinted half of them in various year’s bests, which is something of an endorsement. One appeared in the prestigious ‘Best American Stories’ series, another was up for the Hugo, and still another was published on something called Flurb. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one more was up for, or even won, the Hugo. And there’s a cool long novella that appears here for the first time in English. Personally I think you should buy an actual dead trees version, but if you want to try before you buy, you can download it too.   […]

  2. Seth says:

    Sorry, but how are we supposed to order signed copies, Cory? Should we call the store or is there some mechanism on the site that I’m overlooking? I was hoping you would sign mine “I really enjoyed Swarm of the Snakehead! Just tremendous writing!” ;)

  3. Yup, just phone the store.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Cory – Just wanted to take this moment while I wait for Bakkus to open so I can order my Overclocked to say thank you very much for the my at-work bound with those giant staples copy of Someone Comes to Town Someone Leaves Town. I am a new fan and not occilating either! SCtTSLT has even made me put on hold my new Haruki Murakami book and that is big. You had me at the part about putting the grit on slippery stairs (which I just did – they hadn’t heard of the walnuts at new canadians though :) So ya – thank you sir.

  5. […] Cory’s latest short story collection, Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present can be downloaded for free, listened to via podcast , and purchased one of many places (you can get an autographed copy delivered to your door, too). Posted by Tracy Sheridan Filed in podcasting, interactive, bloggers, Waxxi, digital media, technology, DRM, Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, Google Unbound […]

  6. Cory Doctorow, the SF writer, co-founder of BoingBoing, blogger, former European Affairs coordinator for the EFF, current Wired Magazine correspondent, Fullbright Chair at USC, ‘Net activist and the leading Anti-DRM authority on the planet, launched his latest novel, ‘OverClocked: Stories of the Future Present’ at The Secret Headquarters comic book shop in Los Angeles this evening…

  7. […] Me: Well, if I remember correctly, Joey did promise you that he’d introduce you to Cory (and vise-versa) the next time he was in town last time when we recorded a podcast back in June (which never actually got around to getting launched yet; i’ve still got the files sitting on my hard drive), this would be the next-best thing to that without having to wait for the next time he’s in Toronto. Of course, they deliver special signed copies, but that’s got an extra $10 added to the price tag and you’ve gotta do it before Feb 1 (i assume via email would be the best way to contact them; i can’t find a link on their site). I think Quinn & Leigh will be there, too, & hopefully Joey (though he hasn’t replied to my email yet). […]

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