Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom


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  1. I haven't read "Down and Out" yet, but I'm fascinated by many of the concepts in it. Two of them being whuffie and ad-hocracies. I started thinking about it when I encountered something like it the other day on my Ipod Touch app "doodle buddy" which I and found that a recent update had included the concept of "doodle bucks" which gave points to buy more tools and themes for the programs by looking up certain websites or downloading other apps.

    The app "puppet jump 3D" has something called "puppetpoints" which you earn more points by playing more, and you can purchase further unlocks.

    I'm out of the loop of what's happening in gaming world and down't follow tweeter, digg, redit or other social esteem point collection systems. (Yes, I have been living in a cave, literally, and have been more or less off the internet for the past five years or so) But I think these innovations have massive implications for future economies.

    Likewise, I purchased larger versions of apps such as Instapaper and Vocal Zoo once I could see the implications of what these apps could do for me. Offering your book for free also increases the likelihood that more people will know about, share, and ultimately purchase it.

    But more than that, some sort of esteem-based economy has already evolved quite far. With most people obtaining music and video through torrents, people are more likely to make a special trip to the theatre, purchases a CD from a local band that they see live and impressed them, when they want to make a social comment on them, that movie, etc.

    We feel much more comfortable giving money to things we like and want to support because we are paying less for stuff we don't want or don't know yet if we want. We don't mind giving money to a game or app publisher once we've already reaped the benefit of its use, and also will obtain more benefit in the short and long terms - more features, this developer/artist will make more great apps, more great music, etc.

    I also am teacher who uses "adhocracy" based teaching systems, but up until I read the wikipedia article on this book, on the recommendation of my brother, I didn't know the word for it.

    Love your work,

    Comment by Nate Guimond — June 20, 2010 @ 5:27 am

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