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José Rafael Zullo has translated my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, into Brazilian Portuguese, using the Creative Commons license to make a free and freely reusable version of the text in his language. This is so cool.


Update: Rev. Ibrahim Cesar, Discordian Pope, KSC, Brazil has posted his own variant translation

2 Responses to “Down and Out in Brazilian Portuguese”

  1. ricardo santos de aleida

    I´ve already read some of the CD´s prose and I love it. It´s great his first novel is now avaible in portuguese. I wanna check it out. I also downloaded his second novel and I´m gonna read it soon.

  2. djalmeida

    Hi, Cory Doctorow I loved your book and the courage to public your book under the Creative Commons License.Special tanks to José Zullo.
    I’m Portuguese e imagino as horas e dias passado ao ecrã de um computador a traduzir para a nossa lingua. Está de Parabens.

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