Anda’s Game, Part 01

With the new year comes a new podcast. This time around, it's a reading of Anda's Game, my Nebula-Award-shortlisted story about in-game sweatshops, originally published on Salon.com and reprinted in Michael Chabon's Best American Short Stories. However, this time around, it's not me reading the story -- it's Alice Taylor, the founder of the Wonderland games blog and former competitive Quake player. She's the perfect reader for this one -- this story really does need to be read by a 1337 gamer-woman with a British accent to do it justice.

Alice has read the story in three parts, and I'll be podcasting them over the next week or two. The story itself is under a Creative Commons license that allows you to redistribute the text freely -- as is this podcast. Share it around, why don't ya?

Part One MP3

5 Responses to “Anda’s Game, Part 01”

  1. Jeff Powell says:

    Loved it - great story so far. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Boing Boing says:

    Cory's Anda's Game podcast concludes

    I've just posted the third and final part of the podcast of Alice Taylor of the Wonderland games blog reading my story Anda's Game. Anda's Game is a story about in-game sweatshops, child labor, obesity, exploitation and community online. It was origina...

  3. Cory, do you record on your iBook? If so, what microphone do you use?

    Also, I'd like to point to a version of Anda's Game that comes without the hoops Salon has one jump through.

  4. Boyd Jones says:

    Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff interviewed Ray Bradbury (as mentioned in your intro to this podcast) and Ray again seems to dis New Media:


  5. Bakagami says:

    several years ago when I was playing EQ2 I mentioned to my clanmates that I thought that gold was farmed in sweatshops. They all just laughed at me

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