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Nominations are open again for science fiction’s Hugo Awards — if you attended last year’s WorldCon or have supported/bought a membership for this year’s con, you get a vote. There’s a lively LJ group discussing potential nominees (I often wait for the annual Locus Magazine best-of list to use as a crib for my nominations). My own eligible works are two novels: Pirate Cinema and Rapture of the Nerds (with Charles Stross), both from Tor Books. Here’s Charlie Stross’s list of eligible works, and here’s a wider list instigated by John Scalzi. Feel free to leave your favorites (or own eligible works) in the comments here.

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Geoffrey Cole of Prism Magazine has posted the first part of a three-part interview we conducted in Vancouver, back when I was touring with Pirate Cinema. In this part, we talk about many subjects, notably Rapture of the Nerds:

The “Rapture” in Rapture of the Nerds has many meanings. Foremost, it is the ascension of most of biological humanity to a purely digital existence. Do you really think that such a huge percentage of humanity would leave their bodies behind if they could?

Yeah, totally. The question of whether such an option will likely be available to us is something I’m not at all certain about, but in the presence of such an option, I’m very confident that large numbers of people would opt for it. We like get-evolved-quick schemes. If you can sell Thighmasters, you can sell mind uploading.

An Interview with Cory Doctorow, Part 1 of 3



Even if you’re a little older and a lot more jaded than the members of Doctorow’s prime target audience, “Pirate Cinema” offers plenty of rousing action and passionate debate. It’s a strong antidote to the YA market’s current glut of vampires and postapocalyptic wastelands (or vampires surviving in postapocalyptic wastelands).

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Here’s the video from my Pirate Cinema tour stop at Deerfield, IL — I talk war on general purpose computers, copyfighting, and do some Q&A.

Cory Doctorow’s “Pirate Cinema” 2012 Book Tour stop at Deerfield, IL

(Thanks, Psywiped!)

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I did an interview with The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, which they’ve published in both text and MP3 form. We talked about Pirate Cinema, Rapture of the Nerds, the Humble Ebook Bundle, the future of publishing, the Disney/Star Wars merger, and lots more:

Wired: Do you ever get letters from kids who have been inspired by your books to become hacker anarchists?

Doctorow: Yeah, all the time — at least to become hackers, and political activists. My first young-adult novel Little Brother had an afterword with a bibliography for kids who want to get involved in learning how security works, learning how computers work, learning how to program them, learning how to take them apart, learning how to solve their problems with technology as well as with politics. And the number of kids who have written to me and said that they became programmers after reading that, I couldn’t even count them. I’ve had similar responses to my second young-adult novel, For the Win, and I’ve also heard from kids who’ve read Pirate Cinema. In fact, we published an editorial by one of them on Boing Boing — an anonymous reader who makes her own movies out of Japanese anime, and who talked about what drives her and how the book resonated with her.

With Pirate Cinema, Cory Doctorow Grows His Young Hacker Army

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Yo, Boston! Today is the last day of my Pirate Cinema tour (after this, I’ll be touring complete) and I’m wrapping it up in Boston, the 18th city in 6 weeks, where I’ll be appearing at the Boston Book Festival, on a 4:15 panel with MT Anderson, Rachel Cohn, and Gabrielle Zevin. Come on out and marvel at my haggard appearance, my wasted flesh, and my improbable uprightness!

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Hey, Toronto! It’s my last night in town — I’ll be at Harbourfront’s International Festival of Authors doing a double-act with China Mieville (there’s still some tickets available). Tomorrow I’m off to the Boston Book Festival for the very last stop of the Pirate Cinema tour — come on out and watch me attempt to stand upright (it’s at 415PM, and it’s free, but you need tickets). Here’s the details.

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Hey, Toronto! I’ll be at the Harbourfront International Festival of Authors tonight and tomorrow night (tonight it’s a joint appearance with Larissa Andrusyshyn, Stuart Clark, Corey Redekop and Robert J. Sawyer; tomorrow, it’s a twofer with China Mieville). Then I head to Boston for the last engagement in my Pirate Cinema tour, a free, ticketed event at the Boston Book Festival. Be there or be oblong! Full details at the Pirate Cinema tour schedule.