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The DRM-free audiobooks below are provided on a name-your-price basis. You can pay any time — before or after you download. As a guide, the average donation to date is $11.75; the smallest was $0.50, and the largest was $200.

Name your price:

Here are links to the audio-files of the audiobook in five editions: a high-bitrate MP3, a high-bitrate Ogg, a lower-bitrate MP3 with a podcast bumper (especially for inclusion in your podcast, which I heartily encourage you to do!), losslessly compressed Ogg Speex files, and enormous, uncompressed WAVs. These were all mastered by John Taylor Williams, who also wrote the original music. John runs Wryneck Studios, an independent sound engineering firm in Washington, DC.

Podcasters are also invited to use this great 60-second promo that Scott Sigler made (thanks, Scott!).

* Podcast of all MP3 files

* Download all MP3s in one ZIP file
* Download all OGGs in one ZIP file
* Download all files as OGG Speex in one ZIP file (Thanks, Stephen Paul Weber!)
* Download all podcast-ready MP3s in one ZIP file
* Download all WAVs in one ZIP file
* Download all stories as one big M4B file, suitable for iOS devices (thanks, J Devitt!)

1. Introduction by Jonathan Coulton:
MP3 | Ogg | WAV

2. The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away
(read by Hugh AD Spencer)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

3. The Right Book
(read by Neil Gaiman)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

4. Other Peoples’ Money
(read by Mur Lafferty)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

5. Scroogled
(read by Wil Wheaton)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

6. Human Readable
(read by Spider Robinson)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

7. Liberation Spectrum
(read by Leo Laporte)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

8. Power Punctuation!
(read by Patrick Nielsen Hayden)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

9. Visit the Sins
(read by Roy Trumbull)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

10. Constitutional Crisis
(read by JC Hutchins)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

11. Pester Power
(read by Mary Robinette Kowal)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

12. Chicken Little
(read by Emily Hurson)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

13. Epoch
(read by Jesse Brown)
MP3 | Ogg | Podcast-ready MP3 | WAV

14. I’m Only In It for the Money by Russell Galen
MP3 | Ogg | WAV


63 Responses to Download audiobook

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  2. I know you normally accept different formats for the eBooks. Are the audiobooks fair game for this too? If I send you speex files, would you be willing to add them as an option?

  3. The WAV link on the introduction is broken: it currently points to the WAV for “The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away”

  4. The Ragi says:

    Grabbed the .pdf, now gonna wait for the podcasts. That .xml should work on itunes, right?

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  6. JR says:

    There’s no ogg file for story 2.

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  8. James Riley says:

    How about people drop the zips into their torrent programs? P2P works for things like ubuntu after all? (And I like being able to say that I’m using this software that everyone knows that only pirates use for something legit.)

    • That’d make me very happy indeed! But of course, first I have to get the zips off my hard-drive and onto the Internet Archive, which is taking forever. My BT connections at home and office just keep on falling over on these big transfers. But I did get the podcaster zip up overnight — filling in the missing WAVs today, then I’ll do the big Ogg zip and have a run at the WAV zip.

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  10. Alex Buie says:

    Podcast version:

    Working on MP3. Have all pieces for ogg and wav that are uploaded so far as well.

  11. Looks like all the WAVs are up now, except the introduction. Cool.

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  13. Michele says:

    Very many thanks for these – they’ll make a perfect Sunday treat for surviving week one of five weeks of December/January work madness!

  14. Those who want a ZIP file of the WAVs (or, at least, the ones in the main collection, a few are missing) can use

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  16. Robert Stocks says:

    the Podcast of all MP3 files
    file contains invalid XML and is rejected by iTunes

  17. Nick Mailer says:

    Hi Cory. As I believe strongly in Democratic Patronage, I would like to pay you for the audio files, but don’t wish them encapsulated on a sliver of plastic. What are my options?

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  19. Cory, under what license are these audio files released so those of us planning to drop them into out podcast feeds can make sure we observe the right conditions? Is it the same as the ebooks, nc-sa?

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  21. Brad says:

    The WAV file for story 9, “Visit The Sins,” is missing its last 14 minutes. The file if 48 minutes long, but goes mute mid-word at the 34 minute mark.

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  24. RL Ferguson says:

    Thank you for showing us that there are more ways to accomplish things than what we have been trained to believe.

    I am placing your podcast files in my feed, they will all be live by the end of January. I hope this helps.

    Good luck with your surgery.

    Thank you.

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  29. Anonymous says:

    iPhone/iPod M4B version of the book: (~360MB)

    P.S. Fell free to make as many mirrors as you like – before hotfile decide the have to delete the file due to copyright violation …

    • Stephen R says:

      Thanks for the M4B audiobook version. Much prefer a single file with chapter marks than a separate file for each story.

      If you hadn’t made one, I would have. ;-)

  30. Justin says:

    How about putting some file sizes up? Would be nice. Cheers.

  31. Randy says:

    Cory, thanks so much for these. I have a cousin who had some pretty significant surgery earlier this year. She’s a semi-geek, trained as a geneticist, and had never heard of your work. Since she had to take a few weeks off from her normal mountain biking/climbing activities, she asked friends and family for recommended non-work related, geek-friendly audio- and e-books. I pointed her towards all your stuff. I don’t know what she thought of anything, but I do know she downloaded some of these, which she wouldn’t have done were you not so generous in making it easily accessible.

    If she liked the books, I know she’ll donate, because she’s that kind of person. I’m saving my pennies to I can donate soon. Previously, I’ve just purchased some paper copies for my kids’ school libraries, but I want to send _something_ your way directly as well.

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  33. Akira Norimaki says:

    Mary Robinette Kowal has the most sensual voice ever. I’m in love. :)

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  36. Marc says:

    Wow, you rock … open culture FTW. You will get respect, money and good karma.

    Best regards, Mr. Doctorow!

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  38. Noha says:

    I just happened to be listening to an old episode of,”the stuff you should know podcast,” and they mentioned a startling governmental experiment where an entire french town was fed bread laced with lsd. I proceded to google the subject for further info and found that the first article I opened was written by none other than the author of my favorite all time book, little brother. in the corner of the article I saw a list of your books an homeland was among them, i was psyched because I had checked for a sequel not long ago and found nothing. Your book changed my life man. what I wanna be who I wanna become, everything because of marcus yallow. it brought a tear to my eye when I saw that i could walk in his shoes yet again without having to knuckle under to the man. you rock. thank you.

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