Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly was kind enough to give me a column in which to record my adventures in putting together this book. You can find a full list here, and below are some highlights:

* With A Little Help: Heuristics

* With A Little Help: Hitting My Stride

* Zen and the Art of Self-Publishing

* With A Little Help: The Early Returns , Feb 14, 2011

* With a Little Twitter Help, October 18, 2010

* Production, September 13, 2010

* Doctorow’s First Law, August 8, 2010

* Closing In, June 21, 2010

* The Price Is Right, May 17, 2010

* Time and Money, January 18, 2010

* Can You Hear Me Now?, December 7, 2009

* Doctorow’s Project: With a Little Help , October 19, 2009

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