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When I created the Lulu.com store for the With a Little Help paperbacks, I discovered that adding an ISBN to the books automatically raised the minimum price on the book from $11 or so to more than $17 (that’s because adding an ISBN makes the book available to retailers like Amazon, and Lulu wants to have some margin to use for a wholesale discount).

I wasn’t happy about this, but I figured it’d be worth trying a launch-high/discount-later pricing strategy until I could figure out how to get the price down. Now, with help from Lulu, I’ve figured out how to get the paperback price down to a much more reasonable $14.50. The present book interior features some 75 typo-fixes, crowdsourced from early readers (each typo is commemorated with a footnote thanking the eagle-eyed reader).

With a Little Help paperback

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  1. Cory Doctorow

    Thanks, Ray! When I started thinking about WALH, I’d had some really good experiences with Lulu and CreateSpace was thrashing around with some really bad exclusivity language in its standard deal.

    I’ve had another look at CreateSpace and they appear to have resolved the exclusivity issue. The base price difference between Lulu and CreateSpace is pretty small (less than $1), but I think that CreateSpace books can be shipped with AmazonPrime, which many heavy book readers already have and so that represents a large potential savings.

    I’m more interested in the value of being listed on Amazon and recommended through its recommendation engine. I’m talking to Lulu about what they can do about lowering the price further, and I’ll post here in any event.

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