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Podcast (Escape Pod, November 2007)

3 Responses to “Other Peoples’ Money”

  1. Randolph Carter

    Cory Doctorow has the incredible ability to take a subject you’d think would be really boring–like yard sale hunting or venture capital–and by adding just a few minor science fiction elements, make that subject really amazingly boring.

    What on Earth would make anyone think I want to read a one-sided conversation on the more outre aspects of VC? Especially one written from such a naive point of view–by someone who obviously has no clue how VC works, but knows all the buzzwords. The only high point in the story was the concept of the Chinese brute-forcing the solution space of all possible plastic stuff Americans would want to buy. It’s an amusing idea, but five seconds of thought and a little knowledge of combinatorics shows it’s completely ludicrous and unworkable.

    Bad story! Bad! Bad!

  2. J. Devitt

    I really really liked this story. I picked it up through the Escape Pod feed and this was my introduction to the wonderful mind of Cory Doctorow.

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